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“I believe he said an ‘old bastard, who wouldn’t know art if it fucked him with a chainsaw’,”Sasori replied for Deidara, not looking up from his notes.
- Digital Skitty

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.:Completed Fanfictions:.

(SasuHina) - Ikigai (T)
(SasuHina) - Silent (K+)
(SasuHina) - Canvas (T)
(SasuHina) - The 305 Love Letters (K+)
(SasuHina) - Reflections Upon The Snow (T)
(SasuHina) - Distorted Reflection (T)
(SasuHina) - Alone in the Rain (T)
(SasuHina) - A Happy Ending (M)
(SasuHina) - Beneath (T)
(SasuHina) - Cause For Conversation (K+)
(SasuHina) - Observation (K)
(SasuHina) - Neji Hyuuga: Matchmaker (K+) (Sequel to Observation)
(SasuHina) - Another Story (T) (Sequel to Neji Hyuuga: Matchmaker)
(SasuHina) - Miru Hoshi (T)
(SasuHina) - First Kiss (M)
(SasuHina) - Facade (T)
(SasuHina) - The Ultimate Snowball Fight (T)
(SasuHina) - Requiem For A Dying Heart (T)
(SasuHina) - The Final Lullayt(T) (Sequel To Requiem For A Dying Heart)
(SasuHina) - Tomato Juice (T)
(SasuHina) - Water Cooler (T) (Sequel to Tomato Juice)
(SasuHina) - Stronger (T)
(SasuHina) - Softer (M) (Sequel to Stronger)
(SasuHina) - Passion (M)
(SasuHina) - Zutto (M)
(SasuHina) - Ichinen (T)
(SasuHina) - Rain (T)
(SasuHina) - Chocolat (T)
(SasuHina) - Snow Scene (T)
(SasuHina) - It All Began With A Letter (T)
(SasuHina) - By Chance (T)
(SasuHina) - Of Silent Verses And Torn Pages (T)
(SasuHina) - I Think I (T)
(SasuHina) - Scarlet (T)
(SasuHina) - Flamenco Diablo (M)
(SasuHina) - とても (K)
(SasuHina) - Swan Lake: Naruto Style (T)
(SasuHina) - The Snake Heiress (M)
(SasuHina) - A Miracle (T)
(SasuHina) - Ice Cream And Sake (T)
(SasuHina) - Mask (M)
(SasuHina) - Bump On the Head (M)
(SasuHina) - By The Window (M)
(SasuHina) - The Trade Off (M)
(SasuHina) - Naruto's Plan (T)
(SasuHina) - Cinderella Life (K+)
(SasuHina) - High School Secrets (T)
(SasuHina) - Rose Sonata (T)
(SasuHina) - The Transfer Student Scares Me (K+)
(SasuHina) - An Excuse For Detention (T)
(SasuHina) - Crescdendo In The Background (T)
(SasuHina) - Broken (M)
(SasuHina) - Snake's Legacy (T)

(NejiHina) - Possession (M)
(NejiHina) - Hinata Farts (K)
(NejiHina) - Taking The Next Big Step (M)
(NejiHina) - Forsaken (T)
(NejiHina) - Incipient (T) (Sequel to Forsaken)
(NejiHina) - Rosemary For Remembrance (M)
(NejiHina) - Between Heaven and Hell (M)
(NejiHina) - The song bird and the caged bird (T)
(NejiHina) - Metamorphosis: A Hyuga Tale (M)
(NejiHina) - Epoch (T)
(NejiHina) - Your Smile (M)

(ItaHina) - Better Than Ice Cream (K+)
(ItaHina) - The Sun under the Fan (M)
(ItaHina) - Cat Eyes (M)
(ItaHina) - Blood on the Walls (M)
(DeiHina) - Beat of the Drum (K+)
(DeiHina) - Learning Experience (T)
(DeiHina) - Flirting with angels (T)
(DeiHina) - The sound of your violin (M)
(DeiHina) - Peisinoë (M)
(DeiHina) - Venus (M) (Sequel to Peisinoë)
(DeiHina) - Medication For The Artistic Soul (K+)

(SuiHina) - Oh Happy Days (T)
(SuiHina) - The Pretty Nurse (T)
(SuiHina) - Beloved Enemy (T) (Sequel to The Pretty Nurse)
(SuiHina) - Their Water Bottle (T)

(InuKag) - The Price of Freedom (T)
(InuKag) - Two Faced (T)
(InuKag) - Soul Exchange (M)
(InuKag) - Life Exchange (M) (Sequel to Life Exchange)
(InuKag) - 28 Days (T)
(InuKag) - Father Figure (T)
(InuKag) - My Funny Valentine (T)
(InuKag) - Bottled Genius (T)
(InuKag) - Dead Famous (M)
(InuKag) - Another's Name But My Heart (K+)
(InuKag) - Bodyguards (T)

(HaoAnna) - Eternaly not yours (T)
(HaoAnna) - Nocturnal Breezes (K+)
(HaoAnna) - How can you mend a broken heart (T)
(HaoAnna) - Time changes everything (M)
(HaoAnna) - Only a lifetime away (T)
(HaoAnna) - Aishiteru (T)
(HaoAnna) - A Change of Heart (T)
(HaoAnna) - Apple Tree (K+)
(HaoAnna) - Once Upon a Dream (T)
(HaoAnna) - Without You, I am Incomplete (K+)
(HaoAnna) - She Will Be Loved (K+)
(HaoAnna) - Silver Necklace (T)
(HaoAnna) - Friendly Talk (K+)

(YohAnna) - A Girl called Anna (M)
(YohAnna) - A Girl Called Anna 2 (M) (Sequel to A Girl Called Anna)

(RenAnna) - The Two Tyrants (T)

(ZoRo) - Never Again (K+)
(ZoRo) - Grass in the Wind (T)
(ZoRo) - Robin Falls (T)
(ZoRo) - Fighting (T)
(ZoRo) - Coffee (K+)
(ZoRo) - Puzzle Pieces (T)
(ZoRo) - Interlude in the Bookshop (T)
(ZoRo) - Passion (T)
(ZoRo) - Good Night (K+)

In-Progress Fanfictions

(SasuHina) - Behind the Mask (T)
(SasuHina) - Nezumi (M)
(SasuHina) - Anything But A Lost Cause (T)
(SasuHina) - A 100 year old book (T)
(SasuHina) - Paradis Noir (M)
(SasuHina) - Raising Nihilism (M) (Sequel to The Snake Heiress)
(SasuHina) - Unveiling the Wallflower (T)
(SasuHina) - Gambling (T)
(SasuHina) - SasuHina (T)
(SasuHina) - Hitsuzen (T)
(SasuHina) - My Unlucky Numbers (T)
(SasuHina) - School Blues (T)
(SasuHina) - You Belong With Me (M)
(SasuHina) - It's A Man's World! (T)
(SasuHina) - The Suicide of Love (M)
(SasuHina) - In Search of Eden (M)
(SasuHina) - The Torture of Silence (T)
(SasuHina) - The Reunion In Soul Asylum (M)
(SasuHina) - Rat Race (M)
(SasuHina) - The Coffee Girl (T) (Sequel to Snapshots)
(SasuHina) - Delicious Disaster (T) (Sequel to Ice Cream and Sake)
(SasuHina) - The Key To Granting Wishes (T)
(SasuHina) - Ghost (M) (Sequel to Mask)
(SasuHina) - The Unusual, Unfortunate and Unexpected (T)
(SasuHina) - Tomato Bosom (T) (Sequel to Water Cooler)
(SasuHina) - Doing Unbalances Kissing (M)
(SasuHina) - Only Serve Me (T)
(SasuHina) - Rumors And Assets (T)
(SasuHina) - Stockholm Syndrome (M)
(SasuHina) - Sasuke Oniichan (M)
(SasuHina) - Waiting For You (T)
(SasuHina) - The Princess and the Prince (T)
(SasuHina) - Bubblegum Wrappers (T)
(SasuHina) - White Nights: Summer Solstice (M)
(SasuHina) - The Fox And The Hen (T)
(SasuHina) - Pathways (T)
(SasuHina) - The Journal (T)
(SasuHina) - H The Goddess Of Pranks (T)
(SasuHina) - Seeing Is Believing (T)
(SasuHina) - The Weapon (T)
(SasuHina) - Teamwork, the Answer is Teamwork! (T)
(SasuHina) - C'est la vie (T)
(SasuHina) - My Agony as the Agony Uncle (T)
(SasuHina) - Beautiful World (M)
(SasuHina) - Fifteen Minutes (T)
(SasuHina) - The Perfect Candidate (T)
(SasuHina) - First Loss (T)
(SasuHina) - Promise breaker (T)
(SasuHina) - Insanity's Consciousness (T)
(SasuHina) - Subtle Understandings (T)
(SasuHina) - Contentment (M)
(SasuHina) - Runaway Experiment (T)
(SasuHina) - Much Ado About Something (M)
(SasuHina) - I Was Wrong (T)
(SasuHina) - Paint and Music (M)
(SasuHina) - Rain on Friendship (T)
(SasuHina) - A Nun's Temptation (M)
(SasuHina) - Working Title (T)
(SasuHina) - Paint With Words (T)

(NejiHina) - DeathPlay: The Last Kingdom (M)
(NejiHina) - In Your Shadows (M)
(NejiHina) - Unintentional Truth (T)
(NejiHina) - Invisible (T)
(NejiHina) - Temptation: Immoral Deeds (M)

(DeiHina) - My Gay Boyfriend (K)
(DeiHina) - My swan princess (T)
(DeiHina) - Eerie Echo (T)
(DeiHina) - Hetze (M)
(DeiHina) - Imperfect Portraits (K+)
(DeiHina) - An Explosive Relationship (M)
(DeiHina) - Sarcastic Mask (M)
(DeiHina) - Junkie (M)
(DeiHina) - Marvelous Flower (M)

(SuiHina) - Love For The Uchiha (M)

(ItaHina) - Divinity (M)
(ItaHina) - Come Full Circle (T)
(ItaHina) - Where Does Rain Come From? (M)
(ItaHina) - If I Fell (M)

(InuKag) - Blissful Loneliness (M)

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GothicLoli Platform shoe
GothicLoli MaryJane
Silver Boots
Complete watching 100 Animes
Have more Money
Master ambidexterity (Hell yeah!)
Lower Back Tattoo
Visual Kei costume
Top Fashion Designer
Open a Cosplay Cafe
Aeon's kodana costume
Get into NAFA
Sasuke/Hinata/Neji Cosplay
Professional Cosplayer
Digital Camera
Polaroid camera
Lip Augmentation
Eye Augmentation
Double Eyelids
Slim down... I guess. Enough to wear a bikini without shame. WAHAHA.(Not that I will though)
Decorate my phone~

A long tongue, sharp teeth, and a devilishly handsome face was not enough to describe Sasuke Uchiha. He was Schitzophrenic but a true genius. So dark and collected...Not a soul could predict his next move...Not even his desire...

- Violetta-Night Butterfly




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By Sephiria Chronos · June 16, 2010

Oh my God I can't believe it! This was so damn hilarious that I almost peed myself (Not really, but you get my point) when I saw it.

You know, Sanji from One Piece make a pretty woman. *laughs*

Except for the fact that...

He has hairy legs!

Oh my God I'm going to laugh myself to death if this continues any longer!


I think Eiichiro Oda is trying to poke fun at him because Sanji is a flirt, and this is the best punishment for him - Become the gender that he flirts with!

Oh my God if he returns to the gang like that I bet Zoro will die of laughter.

<p>Me too. *cackles*

Never let anyone see you cry.
Tears are the most precious thing to a woman.

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1. Introduction
2. Wedding
3. Fantasy
4. Lock and Key
5. Seeking Solace
6. Break Away
7. Heaven
8. Away
9. Drive
10. Garden
11. Memory
12. Fear
13. Freedom
14. Mask
15. Silence
16. Vampires
17. Blood
18. Zodiac
19. Friend
20. Fortitude
21. War
22. Time
23. Cat
24. Cosplay
25. Chains
26. Silhouette
27. Chibi
28. Sorrow
29. Evil
30. Under The Rain
31. Realistic
32. Moonlight
33. Wrath
34. Moon
35. Walk
36. Midnight
37. Eyes
38. Wings
39. Dream
40. Fear
41. Tears
42. Future
43. Night
44. Star
45. Illusion
46. Photo
47. Ice-cream
48. Childhood
49. Upside Down
50. Breaking the Rules
51. Sport
52. Deep In Thought
53. Keeping A Secret
54. Proof
55. Waiting
56. Mother
57. Sacrifice
58. Lies
59. Ninjas
60. Rejection
61. Fairy Tale
62. Tattoo
63. Falling
64. Multitasking
65. Imaginary
66. Fly Me To The Moon
67. Playing The Melody
68. Hero
69. Annoyance
70. Rainbow
72. Snow
73. Park
74. Confrontation
75. Mirror
76. Broken
77. Ice
78. Drink
79. FUCK
80. Words
81. Anniversary
82. Can You Hear Me?
83. Heal
84. Hope
85. Sick
86. Surprise
87. Food
88. Wind
89. Through The Fire
90. Goth
91. Scar
92. All That I Have
93. Kimono
94. Soft
95. Vulnerable
96. Forever
97. Lost
98. Warm
99. Cold
100. Death

The night Hinata became an Uchiha, heart, soul... and body.
- Shimi-chan

♪ Mellifluous ♪

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Stray by Steve Conte
Oretachi wa Family by Various Artists
Kimi Ga Inai Mirai by Do As Infinity
Northern Lights by Megumi Hayashibara
Ohayou by Keno
Ray of Light by Nakagawa Shoko
Retsu no Matataki by Japahari Net
One by J-Min
Ashitaka to San by Joe Hisaishi
The Tarara Women’s Work Song by Joe Hisaishi
Earthflame by Himekami
Mononoke Hime by Joe Hisaishi
The Journey to the West by Joe Hisaishi
Toki no Kioku by Seika Iwashita
No Rain no Rainbow by Home Made Kazoku
Wish by Olivia Lufkin
Falco ~Falco~ by Hitomi Shimatani
Aoi no Requiem by Yuiko Tsubokura
Hajimari no Kaze by Ayaka Hirahara
Dancing in the Velvet moon by Mizuki Nana
Hikari by Elisa
Monochrome no Kiss by SID
Mirai no Kioku by Yuka
Karinui by Noto Makiko
Get Over by Dream
Mr. Deja Vu by Naja
MeiQ! Meikyuu Make You by Hayami Kishimoto
Daia na Hana by Yoriko
Hime Murasaki by Mizuki Nana
Casting Dice by Yuuki Kanno
KI-ZU-NA ~Haruka Naru Mono e~ by Hitomi Yoshida
Yume no Tsubasa by Yui Makino and Miyu Irino
Ano Natsu he ~Inochi no Namae~ by Joe Hisaishi
Eago no Wake by Kaori Hikita
Daichi no la-li-la by Oranges and Lemons
Fuhen by Rin
Precious Memories by Minami Kuribayashi
Yasashiku Dakasete by Manako Honda
Towa no Hana by Ishida Youko
Kimi Iro Omoi by SMAP
Cloudier Sky by Ayane
Scarlet by Iwao Junko
Platinum by Maaya Sakamoto
Innocent~Mujaki na Mama de by Wada Kouji
~Byakuya~ True Light by Miyamoto Shunichi
Tsunaide Te by Lil'B
Yuragu Koto Nai Ai by Naomi Tamura
Reason by Tamaki Nami
I'll be The One by HAL
Kaze wo Sagashite by Yaguichi Mari
Grip! by Every Little Thing
Shijitsu no Uta by Do As Infinity
My Will by Dream
Juuni Genmukyoku by Kunihiko Ryo
Period by Chemistry
Crawl by Veltpunch
Starless Night by Olivia Lufkin
Brave Phoenix by Mizuki Nana
Closer by Inoue Joe
Mezamero! Yasei by Matchy With Question?
Re:member by Flow
Hotaru no Hikari by Ikimonogakari
Share the World by Tohoshiki
Believe by Folder5
Tooi Michi no Saki de by Takekawa Ai
Glory ~Kimi ga Iru kara~ by Takako Uehara
Watashi ga Iru Yo by Tomato Cube
1/2 by Kawamoto Makoto
Sobakasu by Judy & Mary
Otome no Policy by Ishida Youko
Tamashii Kasanete by Satou Yuko
No Regret by Koda Kumi
First Love by Utada Hikaru
He Loves U Not by Dream
Omokage by Hayashibara Megumi
Autumn Goodbye by Britney Spears
I Wasn't Prepared by Eisley
In the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon by Yuki Kajiura
Everywhere by Michelle Branch
Change by J-Min
Moonlit Sea of Clouds by Joe Hisaishi
Sakurairo by Takei Shiroi
Yume Hanabi by Garnet Crow
Carry On by Kenichi Kurosawa
Futsuu no Nichiyoubi by Tomohiko Kikuta
Never had a Dream Come True by S Club 7
Plumeria no Saku no Basho he by Nakayama Kanako

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